Arnold Jackson Memorial

Image of Arnold JacksonArnold Erik Jackson, lifelong island resident, 72, passed away January 2, 2008 at his home surrounded by family. He was a third generation islander.

He was born November 11, 1935 in Seattle to Erik and Eva (Ubel) Jackson. He graduated from Bainbridge High School in 1954. Arnold served in the Navy Reserves from 1952 to 1960. His first job was at the Wyckoff plant and then pursued other careers as a commercial fisherman, bus driver, truck driver and retired from Car Wash Enterprises in 1991. He then started his own business- Custom Tractor Services.

He was a Bainbridge Island Volunteer Firefighter for more than 45 years, and a member of the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce where he coordinated the Fourth of July parade for over 20 years, a member of the American Legion and Port Blakely Cemetery.

Arnold enjoyed racing cars, fishing, hunting and his dog Winchester.

An article by Tod Hornick, Founder and past president (2009-2010) of Bainbridge Fireworks

Why the Arnold Jackson Memorial Fireworks Display?

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.comArnold “Arnie” Jackson or fondly remembered as Growly for many years had been the organizer of the Grand Old Fourth parade procession through Winslow. He made sure the floats and displays made their way in a timely and orderly fashion. Always dressed in an American Flag styled vest riding his Honda 80 motor bike. Anybody who knew him will tell you he could motivate people to get moving in a unique way that only Arnold could.

Arnold was a 50 year veteran of our Bainbridge Island Fire Department. There was never a person that I knew that I would rather have on my side in an emergency. He knew what to do without a thought and was fearless in his execution. He is responsible for the Fire Dept. ladder truck that is a fine addition to our emergency services today. Most fire fighters on the department will have and be happy to share many a story about Arnie’s antics.

Arnie spent 30+ years working at Car Wash Enterprises building and maintaining Brown Bear Car Washes. This was where I had the chance to work side by side with the man. Some would say that his methods where “old school” or unorthodox. I will say that whatever the case I am honestly who I am today in part because of the things that man taught me regarding work ethic and the need to do what needs to be done regardless of personal agenda.

There is a novel of stories to be told and shared about Arnie. No matter how long you have lived on the island chances are that you can ask someone you know and they will have a story that Arnold shows up as the leading force behind or directly in front of the scene.thumbnailCA7CRKU5

With all being said, The Bainbridge Island Yacht Club is honored to present the First Annual Arnold Jackson

Fireworks Display.

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