Tom Douglas asks local businesses to fund Lake Union fireworks

by KING 5 News –     Source

Seattle’s Tom Douglas hopes that local businesses can come together to save the Family 4th at Lake Union fireworks show.

Image of the Seattle Fourth of July fireworksThe idea started in an interview on the Bob Rivers radio show. Now Douglas is asking for 98 local businesses to donate $5,000 each to cover the cost of the show. He has already donated $5,000 and is willing to put in $5,000 more.

“I think sometimes we forget the value of coming together as a community and what the Fourth of July actually means that way,” Douglas said.

Yesterday, One Reel, which produces the annual show, said they hadn’t raised enough money to put on the fireworks display on Lake Union.

The $500,000 price tag for the Fourth of July fireworks includes more than just the cost of fireworks. Douglas explained the logistics of the event include security, porta potties, clean-up, and cost around $300,000.

“We’d need 98 more businesses to jump in,” Douglas said. “I don’t know; it might be too late. This thing takes a lot of advance planning, but if there is a way I think we should try to get on it and make it happen. It’s a community thing–we own it. It’s the peoples’ fireworks.”

Douglas acknowledged there are larger issues in our community, with many people lacking in basic necessities, such as enough food to eat.

“I’m on the board of Food Lifeline,” said Douglas. “I’m trying to raise $20 million so we can more efficiently feed hungry people in Western Washington. It’s hard to justify sometimes when you talk about blowing up paper.

But Douglas hopes we can do both, that Seattle businesses can come together in the community to end the annual struggle to fund the Fourth of July fireworks.

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