Kind thoughts from “One Reel” (Lake Union Fireworks Show).

We received this nice letter from Jon Stone, Executive Director of “One Reel” whose organization runs the Lake Union Fireworks Show for the past 24 years. His letter touched our hearts and inspired us — but it also embodies “EXACTLY” why we do this every year. Thanks Jon (and all of your volunteers) for reaching out to your community and your neighbors!

Tim Longley
VP BFW, Web Master

 Hello. My name is Jon and my organization has produced the Family 4th celebration on Lake Union for the past 24 years. I just this evening read of the explosion that destroyed your pyro stockpile. My heart sank and I felt sick. I searched to find contact info for you to see if there was anything we could do to help at this late date. I then discovered that you had recouped most of the product and solicited ample donations. My spirit was lifted. I felt compelled to write this quick note.
I believe that Independence Day is a vital community celebration as it is our most inclusive holiday. It doesn’t care about your background or demographics. It’s the one day when everyone can come together and simply agree that we are all blessed to be Americans. Our communities need more days like Independence Day.
As the leader of my organization for the past two years I am also keenly aware of the challenges in producing a free community event in the current economy. It does not matter if your event budget is $10k, $100k or more… it is a brutal environment in which to raise funds. These events are always a labor of love but the economy of recent years and shifting social factors have made it so difficult as to cause many such events to fold and most producers to question their commitment.
Our event has certainly seen challenges in recent years, but nothing as stunning as what you have just been through. I salute your perseverance, and I thank you for giving such a vital gift to your community. You inspire me.
Please let us know if there is still anything we could possibly do to help, and I wish you a happy holiday and a safe show.
— Jon Stone
Executive Director
One Reel
206-673-5060 ext 227
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