Bainbridge fireworks — an inspiring celebration

From the Kitsap Sun – July 8, 2011. 

Bombs bursting, flashes of brilliant color, excited cries from children and adults heard all over Eagle Harbor. What was it? It was another successful community-based fireworks show exploding over the heads of an estimated crowd of 5,000 people crowding local restaurants and pubs, as well as lining the shoreline of this jewel of an island.

Albeit only a 15-minute show, it tied a bow on the whole Fourth of July celebration put on by the Chamber of Commerce and Bainbridge Fireworks Organization. It is no small wonder that this island city — with a population of 24,000 — gets together in one place for a short time to remember why being an American is worth making some noise about.

But these are tough times, so why do the citizens and businesses of Bainbridge Island band to together and raise $25,000 to put on this 15-minute fireworks show? It’s because it is not only a terrific way to bring our community together, but also a way to shake our collective finger at adversity and despair that our economy and recent world events puts in front of us — a demonstration, so to speak, of what our freedom to innovate can do when the times get tough.

With that said, we at the Bainbridge Fireworks Organization would like to thank the citizens and businesses that provided the funding through their generous donations for yet another successful year of fireworks celebration. One only has to look into the faces of the children who stayed up late to be part of this time-honored event to know why it is a wonderful gift. Those of you who committed your support through your hard-earned dollars are the ones who brought this American celebration to reality.

We will be back next year to do it again — with your help, perhaps just a little better. You can thank the contributors listed on our Web page listed below with a kind pat on the back, a nod of your head, or by visiting their businesses — letting them know how much you appreciate their gift to the community of Bainbridge Island.

It’s a wonderful thing to live in small-town America.

Bainbridge Fireworks Org.

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