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Help us keep Bainbridge Islanders on the island!

Fireworks over Eagle Harbor!So many Bainbridge Island residents and visitors find themselves crowding on to our state’s highways and ferry systems to face unbearable crowds of cars and people, all clamoring to stake out their position for the annual fireworks displays — Sojourns that on so many occasions present our family, neighbors and friends risky travel circumstances, as well as long delays for what ends up being a short 30 minute fireworks show.

Those who don’t make the trip often end up staying at home – making the decision to hold or attend a “do it yourself” fireworks show in our back yards, our neighborhood streets, and in a good number of cases, very life threatening situations; circumstances that put abnormal stresses on our city’s Fire and Police Department. And consider the loss that local businesses feel as this annual migration heads to Seattle to spend their hard earned dollars on what should have benefited local Island businesses.
In response, we need your help to keep the “4th of July Fireworks Spectacular” right where it belongs — right here in Eagle Harbor from a barge located just off Pritchard Park Beach.

The fireworks display is easily and comfortably viewed from City Park, Winslow’s Harbor Square (by the Ferry Terminal) and from the eastern entrance — to the western tidal flats our beautiful harbor. Yachts, normally transiting the 8 mile Puget Sound to Lake Union, will instead dot beautiful Eagle Harbor. All Bainbridge Island residents and visitors will enjoy the big finally to the annual “The Grand Old Fourth” put on by our own Chamber of Commerce.

Our Goal this year is to reach $25,000 by June 25th, 2011. We plan to add more fun to what we have had in previous years!

To help make the 2011 Fireworks happen please contribute in one of the following ways:

  • Send a check to our office at   5834 Ward Ave NE, Bainbridge Island, Washington, 98110
  • or Donate via PayPal below

Every Bainbridge Island business and resident has a stake in this celebration. In these tough economic times we really need a big celebration to help tie us back together as neighbors, businesses, community…Please help us reach this goal by making your generous donation.

Contact our Project Chairman (and Vice Commodore of Bainbridge Island Yacht Club) Scott Isenman at  info@bainbridgefireworks.org if you need more information.

Be a part of Bainbridge Island History.
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